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Your Holistic Home for Healing

Embrace your inner healing power at Rose Gold Wellness

If you seek natural and effective relief for stress, pain, or other symptoms, try acupuncture. We welcome new patients.

Welcome to Rose Gold Wellness, a Montclair, New Jersey integrative wellness clinic specializing in emotional, physical, and spiritual healing through acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, medical nutrition therapy (MNT), reiki, massage therapy, infrared sauna, and more.


We offer a variety of treatments and services that can help you improve your health and wellbeing. Our experienced and licensed practitioners are here to help you achieve your wellness goals. Book a consultation so we can get to know you and develop a personalized treatment plan that's just right for you. Thank you for choosing Rose Gold Wellness!

Welcome to Rose Gold Wellness Package

The best way to sample multiple services

One Community Acupuncture
One Hour Tranquility Massage
One Hour Infrared Sauna
One Detox Foot Soak
One Custom Tea
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