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Spa Setting

Packages & Memberships

Treat yourself or someone you love with more Rose Gold Wellness!

Monthly Memberships

Rose Gold


$168 (value $180)


1 Diamond Service/month

10% off additional Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire services



$108 (value $120)

1 Sapphire Service/month

10% off additional

Sapphire services


$125 (value $145+)

1 Sapphire Service/month

1 Ruby Service/month

10% off additional Sapphire 

& Ruby services

Sapphire Services

60 min. Massage

Ruby Services

60 min Infrared Sauna

30 min Cupping

Diamond Services
60 min. Thai Yoga Massage
75 min. Reiki

90 min. Massage

Automatically charged each month, minimum of 3 months. Must cancel by the 15th of the month. 

Welcome to Rose Gold Wellness Package

The best way to sample multiple services

30 Minute Cupping

60 Minute Tranquility Massage

60 Minute
Infrared Sauna 

Coconut Milk
Foot Soak

30 Minute Reiki

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