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Pilates Advantage Physical Therapy knows no two patients’ needs are exactly the same, they pride themselves on taking the time to understand you as an individual and your body as the unique instrument that it is. With their personalized and integrative approach, patients can expedite recovery through evidence-based treatment.

The human body is not a set of disparate parts but one living, breathing whole. Rooted in the practices and philosophies of classical Pilates, our one-on-one physical therapy looks at health and wellbeing from a holistic, full-body perspective. 

With the help of Pilates, physical therapy practitioners are achieving successful outcomes with patients suffering from a vast array of injuries and conditions, from Parkinson’s Disease to chronic lower back pain. Located within Rose Gold Wellness, check out the Pilates Advantage Physical Therapy website for more questions , or call the office at 862-200-7413. 

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